Try A Tri Workshop

Half awake – what time is it? The clocks change and I can’t be late, it’s the “Introduction to Triathlon” workshop and I’m involved in delivering it!
In my half awake state I can’t remember which clocks I’ve changed and which, if any, change automatically. Once I’ve got up and checked every clock in the house I am not going to be late – its 6.30am for real – aaarghhh!
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I’ve delayed for 12 months because of the fear of the unknown, now I know I can do it – thanks[/perfectpullquote]
We are so lucky, it is going to be a beautiful morning and the early frost doesn’t matter because the sun will have melted it by the time people come out of the pool. I’m there in time to drive the bike route checking for hazards then help set up transition points in the room, set up gear and reference books and talk quickly through the programme. We have risk assessments, participant forms, registers, session plans and four coaches and we are all really excited.[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” class=”” color=”#00ad22″ size=”13″]
Great to practice all the bits, especially getting out of the pool. It takes the nerves away.[/perfectpullquote]

Before we know it athletes have arrived and we chat and go to poolside and chat some more:
“No you don’t need fancy kit to do a tri, a swim suit, bike and running shoes is enough”
“Yes someone does count your lengths in the pool in case you forget”
“Yes you do put cycle gear on over your wet swimsuit, you are disqualified if you are naked in transition”

So lets practice getting dressed over a wet swimsuit then take to the roads in the sunshine.We ride part of the bike route and talk about staying safe – no medal for finishing if you are lying on the tarmac. Talk about balancing your bike downhill and where to put your weight. Practice riding with cadence at 90 (number of times you turn your pedals round in a minute) be reminded that this is the same rate you should turn your legs over when running – I don’t so there is something we all need take away and practice!
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Great to be able to practice cycling with more than one person, I have never done this[/perfectpullquote]

Then back to practice transitions including running holding your bike behind the saddle. Some wondered if they could do running dismounts and discovered that yes they can and they are really lovely to do – smooth and fast.

Coffee and more chat, final questions and commitments to give Tri a try at Kendal Sprint on 22 April. A morning that went very fast and was enjoyed by all.

Good luck to all participants at Kendal Sprint – we will be there to cheer you on and answer any questions.

Check out some pictures from the workshop here

– Kath

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With 4 enthusiastic coaches the session was very flexible and able to respond to the different needs within the group.
Extremely well planned and organised.
As a relatively novice triathlete I was thrilled to learn from Kath how to do a running dismount from the bike![/perfectpullquote]