It's not all about mint cake…

10 Christmas Present Ideas for Triathletes

1. Kendal Tri Club Hoody / T – Shirt

2. Sports Laces – £8.85 (£5 with club discount)

Extensively used and endorsed by the amazingly speedy Chris Stirling.

3. Swim Tempo Trainer – £32 – £34

A great piece of kit to help you keep focused during training sessions

4. Swim Fins – Approx. £20
These fins help develop ankle flexibility and are invaluable when performing technical drills

5. Swim Paddles – Approx. £14
These are the best paddles to have to help improve your hand entry and alignment in the water

6. Learn to Swim Front Crawl DVD – Approx. £30

7. Medal Hangers – £20 – £35
Somewhere to put all your bling

8. Book: Roar – £7.50 – £15.99

ROAR provides Women with training and nutrition advice to build a rock-solid fitness foundation. Using what she calls “getting fit to get fit,”

9. Book: The Science of Running – £9.99 – £18

10. Kendal Tri Club Kit (Range from £45 – £110)
Our kit ordering “window” opens early in the new year, so you could give your loved ones some money towards some nice new club kit

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