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[dropdown-option value=”kia”]KTC In Action[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value=”2017″]2017[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value=”2018″]2018[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-option value=”tat”]Try-A-Tri[/dropdown-option]
[dropdown-content value=”2017″]Take a look at what we were upto last year!
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[dropdown-content value=”2018″]We need your photos! If you’ve got some good shots of a training event, race or club social send them over and we can get them in the Gallery!

Don’t forget to rename them to include an event, location or your names!
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[dropdown-content value=”tat”]Some pics of the clubs Try-A-Tri workshop March 2018
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[dropdown-content value=”kia”]Take a look at KTC in Action!!
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