A virtual street orienteering event where you compete against the clock to rack up as many points as possible.

As a virtual event we are relying on you to be honest! No pre-recce of the checkpoints!!!

Download the latest maps and checklist below. New maps will be released Friday each week and you will have until 9pm the following Wednesday to submit your results.

Checkpoints are predominately lamp post columns where you will note down the number of the column for you answer. You may find some checkpoints have clues to help you such as part of the number where there are lots of lamp posts or maybe another clue indicating a different type of checkpoint.

Starting & finishing at the triangle on the map you have 45 minutes to amass as many points as possible. every part minute over 45 will incur a points penalty!

Once you have completed your attempt send your results to include your GPS info (Strava/Garmin/etc link or a photo/screen shot of your recording) along with your answers for the checkpoints you have collected.

You will need weather appropriate clothing.
Whilst the event predominately uses street lights on the roads you may wish to navigate across off road terrain, in which case the following items are optional:
Off Road/Trail shoes

Prizes for the weekly winner!

Overall series winner will be determined using an average of your 3 highest scores – to qualify you need to have entered at least 3 events.

Plus a couple of spot prizes too!

  • Download and/or print Map & Checklist
  • Plan your route - NO SURVEYING!
  • Go for your run. Starting and finishing at the required place logging it in Strava/Garmin/Stopwatch
  • Note down your answers en route - don't forget to check for clues!
  • Submit your answers and GPS/Timing info to
Penalty points will be deducted for every part minute over the 45 minute limit.
1-10 minutes over - 5pts per minute
11-15 minutes over - 3pts per minute
15+ minutes over - 1pt per minute
NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Total
Steve King2303103103302901470
Frances Biggin1402903403002202502201760
Gill Ainsworth741942481971462331751267
Dan Malcolm1903103203403403401840
Peter Bascombe1473202872212651240
Nina Caygill1453052171952701132
Tanya Peters02402201901801602201210
Dave Hollingham3103352252603151445
Jude Swan100100
Kath Finn408085205
Scott Mitchell3403203401000
Sylvia Chudley150150
 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7
CP 1227438637162617132230/31082
CP 222362533
CP 32690Blue
CP 424022761
CP 523222570
CP 62186274415062562152497175
CP 72258510
CP 82418280
CP 930982854
CP 106612601
CP 116052435
CP 123127349
23/242133LA9 253PS180/1317
CP 1312363042
CP 1452267
81228353132389LA9 101
CP 15S107782244178513003557338