Become a Coach

Kendal Triathlon Club are keen to support the development of Triathlon coaches. Within the sport there is a clear coaching pathway with individuals completing three levels of coaching. If you are interested in becoming a coach with Kendal Triathlon Club have a read below about the BTF Coaching Pathway and what we offer as a club.

BTF Coaching Pathway
Level 1
Accessible to all, an understanding of triathlon is useful but not essential.
Course Content

  • Safety in coaching triathlon activities.
  • Preparing sessions for delivery.
  • Develop key coaching and technical skills.

Participants will have access to an online resource, Learning Hub, with the technical components of the sport across swim, cycle, run and transitions.

Course Overview

  • 3-day course.
  • A blend of practical delivery, e-learning and group discussion and a short assessment.
  • Home study learning and assessment tasks via Learning Hub.
  • Qualified Coaches can prepare, deliver (independently) and review safe and effective sessions in a range of controlled environments.

Level 2
This course is accessible to learners who hold a Level 1 triathlon coaching qualification or who have experience of coaching and meet the direct entry requirements.
Course Content

  • Understanding and analysing athletes.
  • Planning a series of sessions.
  • Working with a range of ages, abilities and aspirations.
  • Coaching safety including open water swimming

Course Overview

  • 5 days course.
  • The initial 4 days will focus on practical delivery.
  • The final day will include assessment, personal review and action planning with your course tutor.
  • 40-60 hours of home study work (e-learning and assessment).

Qualified Level 2 Coaches can plan, lead and evaluate coaching sessions and blocks of progressive sessions. They can work in a wider range of environments including coaching in Open Water.

Level 3
Level 3 focuses on coach and athlete development, supporting individuals to achieve their goals  and ambitions. The ethos for the course is that it is coach-centred, with a strong emphasis on challenging existing knowledge and developing further understanding through a culture of collaboration and shared experience.  The coaches take full responsibility for their personal development, whilst receiving full support and guidance from a carefully selected team of the world-leading coach developers and mentors.
The Level 3 will help support a Coaches pathway whilst working in their chosen domain, examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • 1:1 coaching; Squad/ Group environments
  • Head Coaches; with an interest in any of the following domains – Age-Group, child, talent development, performance or paratriathlon.

The level 3 HPCP is open to level 2 qualified coaches that meet the set criteria and wish to take that next step to develop their learning, empower their athletes whilst challenging and creating a programme that aims to motivate, inspire and educate.

Coaching with the Club
Once Qualified we have two types of relationship with our coaches

Professional Coach
A professional coach is self-employed and paid by the Club for the sessions that they cover. They will have completed the Self – Employment Status form (see attached)
They will be responsible for the following:

  • Paying for coaching training
  • Payment of DBS checks £54 (+£10 if not BTF member)
  • Any tax or accountancy fees incurred by the work
  • Club coach kit
  • Sign contract of employment and Self Employment Statement

Volunteer Coach
A volunteer coach will not be paid by the Club and offer their time free. In this case the Club will cover the cost of the following:

    • Coach training Level 1 & Level 2*
    • DBS checks
    • BTF Membership
    • Club coach kit (Hoody and T Shirt)

* We will work with individuals to agree the amount of time commitment/sessions that we expect coaches to fulfil for the Club to agree to pay for the coaching training.
Below are some general guidelines. If you are interested in pursuing a coaching qualification, please contact one of the current coaches or any of the Club committee and we can look at your specific circumstances.

Coaching Level Time Commitment Prior to training Time commitment on Completion of training Payment process
Level 1
Cost of Training £340
3 – 5 hours supporting coached sessions
5 – 10 hours Work on the committee or other club projects
20 hours coaching with the club Individual coach pays course fee on successful completion of the assessment the club reimburses the full amount
Level 2
Cost of Training £540
20 hours coaching (if the coach has done level 1 with the club then their 20 hours count for this)
If they are new to the club then 5 – 10 hours coaching with the club
30 hours coaching with the club Individual coach pays for the course and on completion of the assessment the club pays half the fee and after 15 hours coaching the club pays the other half
Level 3 Due to the nature of the course and qualification any agreements to this level are on an individual basis