Pool Swimming

***Due to current circumstances, we are running our swim sessions slightly differently. Please read the details below together with the information provided available when booking online***

We hold coached swimming sessions at Kendal Leisure Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Each session covers either endurance training, speed work (CSS), open-water skills or technique improvement via specific drills.

Monday Sessions: 7.30 – 8.30pm. 

Wednesday Sessions: 8.30 – 9.30pm. 

Sessions can be booked and paid for online at https://training.kendaltri.co.uk. Each session will become available for booking a week in advance and close when full or just before the session starts. 20 spaces are available for each slot. Please select the correct rate depending on whether you are a club member. 
We will need to arrive with our swimsuit or trunks on under our clothes. We will enter by the fire exit (to the right of the building from the main leisure centre entrance) into the pool area then go onto the seated area to take clothes off.
When ready to start, walk to your lane and get in. When waiting to swim, stand two metres apart, one behind the other, on the side of the lane nearest the seats. All lanes will swim clockwise so that when we are standing we have a gap between lanes. Bring a water bottle and training “toys” if you have them (pull buoy, fins and swim paddles). We are unable to loan equipment at the moment, so if you haven’t yet invested in a pull buoy now is the ideal time. Leave these on poolside as you normally would. Only handle your own equipment please. Ask if you need to swap order with people as we shouldn’t be hitting feet or overtaking in lanes to ensure social distance is kept.
After swimming please get out of the pool, return to the seats and redress then leave via the fire door. This means going home wet. We have no access to the changing rooms, although we do have access to the loo on poolside. If we use this to change eg if you are cycling home, please spray and clean after you use it.

Participants new to the swim sessions may wish to arrive earlier or contact the coaches via Facebook to discuss any questions you may have.

Open Water Swimming

At present we don’t hold any formal or coached open water sessions. There are many venues around us that offer safe open-water swimming. Active-Blu run sessions in Windermere throughout the year and Capernwray Dive Centre is open for swimming also.