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Pool Swimming

We hold coached swimming sessions at Kendal Leisure Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Each session covers either endurance training, speed work, open-water skills or technique improvement via specific drills. We tend to focus on technique during the Autumn, moving into endurance in Spring followed by speed and open water skills in early Summer. We have a break during the school holidays and re-start again each September. We sometimes use a camera to video technique for individual swimmers.

Monday Sessions: 7.30 – 8.30PM
Wednesday Sessions: 7.30 – 8.30PM

Sessions can be booked and paid for online at Each session will become available for booking in advance and close when full or just before the session starts. There are a limited number of spaces available for each slot. Please select the correct rate depending on whether you are a club member or not. 

Participants new to the swim sessions may wish to arrive earlier or contact the coaches via Facebook to discuss any questions you may have.

Junior swimmers are welcome to attend our swim sessions. They can attend from the beginning of the year of their 15th birthday and will be classed as juniors until the end of the year of their 18th birthday. A parent or guardian needs to complete a consent form (download link or complete the form online) before a junior swimmer can attend their first session. They should come along with the participant to their first session or contact us for further information.

Open Water Swimming

We sometimes hold open water sessions in the summer; keep an eye on newsletters and the members Facebook page for information.

However, there are many natural lakes around us that offer safe open-water swimming, and Capernwray Dive Centre provides a slightly more secure environment for open water at a cost. There are a number of providers locally who run group sessions or one to one support.

Often members meet informally to swim open water. Please ask the coaches for more information about any of this.