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Other Training

We run a range of other sessions

Details for most sessions mentioned below can be found on our booking page.

Look out for more information in newsletters and on Facebook.

Introduction to Triathlon

We run an Introduction course over three months starting early in the year. This includes face to face and zoom sessions and covers all aspects of successfully completing a triathlon. Ideal if you haven’t ever done one before or are a little rusty. It is great to work towards a challenge with a group of other like-minded people.


This is a very important underlying skill. It enables you to stand up having been on a bike for several hours. Good mobility also improves our resistance to injury across all the sports. It underpins good strength work as you have to be mobile before you can be strong. We do some sessions on maintaining and improving mobility.

Social Events

We have a social evening after swimming on the first Monday and Wednesday of the month, venue is Romney’s pub on Milnthorpe Road. You don’t need to have swum first! Just turn up at about 9pm and look for the green hoodies.

We also have winter off-road social runs and other social events including litter picks, Park Runs and the traditional sausage buttie gathering after Capernwray Triathlons. Our season is concluded with our annual prize giving in the Autumn.


Strength is another important underlying skill which improves our injury resistance and our ability to produce speed in all our sports. We lose muscle strength rapidly as we age unless we work at maintaining it. Strong muscles are important for ongoing health and performance.


We arrange talks about a range of topics which are relevant such as heart health and nutrition.


Often disregarded and forgotten transition is the 4th discipline in triathlon. As a Club we provide opportunities for everyone to have experience of transitions so whether you have never done a triathlon, or want to improve your efficiency, we arrange sessions for you to practice and improve.


This contributes to both strength and mobility and we run some sessions during the winter. It is great for keeping the body in good shape and improving our ability to handle our sports in the long term.