12 Tenuous Days of Christmas

On the first Day of Christmas my Tri Club gave to me………..
…. A ridiculous challenge to keep me busy through December!

So as the song suggests there are 12 Days of Christmas and to that end the challenge is simple enough. In miles or kilometers complete a run for each day of the song – ideally you would run on 12 days.

For those that prefer shorter distances maybe complete the challenge in KMs or add some smaller runs together for the longer distances, a 1 and 4 km could add up to your 5km. For you longer distance runners maybe aim for miles and submit longer runs, eg you could run 6 miles on 3 of the days and submit those as your 1, 2 and 3 mile runs as you have hit the minimum distance.

However you complete the challenge the point is to get you out and about with a target, don’t forget your tenuous links to each of the days in the song though!

So why tenuous I hear you cry? Well, let me explain! For each of your runs covering the 12 days can you include in your route a tenuous link to that part of the song? Do you know where there is a pear tree or a “pair” of trees?! Perhaps a pub, road names, buildings and businesses, landmarks – again tenuous is the key.

The challenge will be open for the whole month of December and after it closes we will sort out some prizes to be be given out – not sure on categories yet so be sure to be creative in your entries!

In case you can’t remember the song here is your definitive list of targets!

  • A partridge in a pear tree
  • Two turtle doves
  • Three French Hens
  • Four Calling Birds
  • Five Gold Rings
  • Six Geese a-laying
  • Seven Swans a-swimming
  • Eight Maids a-milking
  • Nine Ladies Dancing
  • Ten Lords a-leaping
  • Eleven Pipers Piping
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming

Send your entries with some evidence to street-o@kendaltri.co.uk

Winners & Prizes announced in the New Year!

Good Luck!!